Salesforce Mobile Training April 16th

Every now and then, United Cloud Solutions takes time to help Atlanta businesses with free lunch and learns. The next lunch and learn will be April 16, 2014 focusing on the mobile app, Salesforce1. We do business on the go. We answer emails, make travel arrangements, and even create documents. If you’re using Salesforce at the office, you should use the Salesforce1 app. It will give you the freedom and flexibility to do more without being at your desk. During this lunch and learn, you will learn:

  •          Service customers
  •          Close deals
  •          Deliver 1 on 1 marketing campaigns
  •          Create tasks
  •          Log calls
  •          Track sales
  •          Manage data
  •          Access dashboards
  •          Open and share files

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Atlanta Salesforce User Group Meeting March 20th

United Cloud Solutions, CEO Auz Khan will be speaking at the Salesforce User Group meeting for Atlanta businesses on March 20, 2014 at UPS World Headquarters. This is a free event that will benefit Atlanta area Salesforce users. UCS will be speaking about web and email automation.

Auz Khan has over 13 years experience with It was his vision and passion that lead to United Cloud Solutions. Now we are a Silver Alliance partner, helping businesses all over the country develop and implement custom solutions.

Auz will address web and email automation, discussing how to integrate those functions within Salesforce sandboxes and maximizing those efforts to achieve increased sales and ROI.

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Introducing FranCloud

Taking a leap of faith and deciding to create a franchise is a huge decision. Your dream is for your franchise to grow so that you can make a profit, but also help others become just as successful. If your franchisees are successful, you’ll be successful. Utilizing, United Cloud Solutions has developed a software platform that makes it easy for franchise developers to manage franchises, manage customer relationships, and manage employees. It’s an all in one solution that lets you focus on making money by compartmentalizing all business activities in one platform.

FranCloud makes managing and growing your franchise even easier. You’ll be able to setup franchise offices, select locations, setup territories, customers, and even setup a website. No other software platform does that along with other functionalities developed by United Cloud Solutions.

In order for your franchise to grow, franchisees need customers. FranCloud helps manage customer relationships. It comes equipped with centralized lead distribution, call routing and logging, order management, contract management, account setup and management, and scheduling. Franchises can also generate invoices, and process payments including credit cards. You’ll be giving franchise owners the tools they need to be successful with the FranCloud solution.

FranCloud also allows you to manage your workforce. You’ll be able to add each employee, setup workteams, payroll, vehicles (if applicable), and manage PTO. There is no need to have a separate HR system in place because you can do it all in FranCloud.

Scheduling is also a large component of FranCloud. Franchises will have the capability to schedule work teams, customer work orders, customer cancellations and reassignment, and perform advanced and daily scheduling.

The problem that most franchises face is that there so many platforms they need to use in order to complete day-to-day functions. FranCloud eliminates all of that. With FranCloud, you’ll be able to save money by eliminating other programs. It’s a cost effective measure that makes the difference between profit and loss. To schedule a demo call 404-812-8120 or email

Introducing Premise Works

Salesforce is almost limitless, giving businesses the capabilities customize the platform to fit their needs. The actual task of developing and implementing an iteration specifically for your needs is difficult if you don’t have the time or capability. United Cloud Solutions (UCS) developed a series of custom solutions to make it easier for businesses throughout the United States to utilize Salesforce to its fullest capacity. Because UCS has done the work, businesses don’t feel overwhelmed with Salesforce once they chose to work with us. We make it easy to customize Salesforce.

Premise Works is a UCS custom Salesforce solution that is geared toward helping service companies. Managing leads, employees, and assets would normally be done via various software platforms. UCS has made it easy to by developing Premise Works to do it all.

Premise Works can manage:

  • Scheduling
  • Leads
  • Opportunities
  • Employees and payroll
  • Vehicles (if applicable)
  • Invoicing
  • Warehouse (if applicable)
  • Inventory
  • Quotes and proposals
  • Assets

Let’s say that you’re a pest control company. You can manage leads and service current customers in the very same platform you use for invoicing, employee management, and inventory. Premise Works also allows you to track your vehicles and create quotes and proposals. Premise Works saves you the aggravation of dealing with multiple platforms to implement all these functions. It also saves time and money because you only pay and use one platform versus several.

Of course, pest control is one example. Premise Works is ideal for any business in the service industry. If you provide something to a customer, whether it’s pest control, catering, event planning, contracting, etc, you can use Premise Works. We invite you to call and schedule a free demo and see how Premise Works can streamline your business functions.  404-812-8120

Atlanta Salesforce Customization and Accountability

Fact. Using Salesforce alone will not increase your sales. You need to customize your Salesforce iteration to meet your needs, but you also need to hold your sales team accountable. United Cloud Solutions can help with both.

There are limitless possibilities with Salesforce. It’s what makes Salesforce such a great tool, but can also make it pretty paralyzing, not knowing where or how to start. You want a solution that fits all your needs. United Cloud solutions can customize Salesforce so you get the most of it.

salesforce customization in Atlanta Once you have a Salesforce customized, then you need to make sure your sales team performs. As a sales manager or director the best thing you can do is train your team on how to use Salesforce properly, but also know to hold them accountable. You need to know how to track all their efforts, manage the opportunity pipeline and leverage events and calendars, and tasks. You also need to know how to create action plans so your team can meet sales goals and rate leads and opportunities. More importantly, you need to know how to develop accurate reports and dashboards and set up approval processes.

United Cloud Solutions can customize Salesforce for Atlanta businesses as well as teach sales managers how to hold their team accountable. There is a free lunch and learn on February 26thLearn How to Hold Your Sales Team Accountable with Salesforce at Roam Dunwoody located at 1155 Mount Vernon Hwy, Suite #800 Atlanta, GA 30338 from 12-2 pm. Register today.

Salesforce Lunch and Learn February 26 for Sales Managers in Atlanta

United Cloud Solutions holds workshops for sales managers and directors that are interested in Salesforce in Atlanta. United Cloud Solutions offers this as a free service. Our next workshop is February 26th. Sales managers, sales directors, sales VPs, and Salesforce administrators are invited to join United Cloud Solutions and improve their sales program with Learn How to Hold Your Sales Team Accountable with Salesforce.

Sales teams have goals to meet. Sales managers and Salesforce administrators will learn how to hold their sales team accountable.  Make sure your team meets those numbers with this 2 hour workshop. You’ll learn how to optimize Salesforce® while working within your very own system. You’ll also get training on:

  • Tracking Activities
  • Managing the Opportunity Pipeline
  • Leveraging Events and Calendars
  • Leveraging Tasks
  • Creating Action Plans
  • Rating Leads and Opportunities
  • Developing Accurate Reporting and Dashboards
  • Setting Up Approval Processes

Learn How to Hold Your Sales Team Accountable with Salesforce will be held at Roam Dunwoody located at 1155 Mount Vernon Hwy, Suite #800 Atlanta, GA 30338 from 12-2 pm. Register today.

Sales Infrastructure in Atlanta

Keys to Atlanta SalesforceWe’re starting the second month of 2014, and the goals you’ve set for the year are still there. Growing your business and boosting sales now is at the forefront of your mind. Boosting sales in the first quarter can set the tone for the rest of the year. There are things you can do to increase momentum and start selling quickly. Before that happens, you need to make sure you have the sales infrastructure to succeed.

United Cloud Solutions helps Atlanta businesses be successful. We are a Silver Alliance Salesforce partner. Our experienced team helps integrate iterations and also provides custom solutions to meet specific needs of any Salesforce user.

The problem our current customers have had prior to using our cloud services is scattered sales, marketing, and customer service efforts. You may be sending emails and direct mail reminders, but you’re not tracking what happens afterwards. When customers call in, you’re not documenting that conversation and making notes in a place where you can track lead behavior. You’re sending email blasts to potential new customers, but you lose track of what happens to those leads after the email is sent.  That’s because you’re not using a cloud service like the Salesforce CRM. All your customer support, sales, and marketing efforts should be in one place. Our job at United Cloud Solutions is to give you the tools and resources to make successful. Whether you’re considering Salesforce for the first time or you’re ready for your next iteration, we can help boost your sales with the world’s best cloud solution. Contact us to get started or call 404-671-9585  to find out how.