Introducing FranCloud

Taking a leap of faith and deciding to create a franchise is a huge decision. Your dream is for your franchise to grow so that you can make a profit, but also help others become just as successful. If your franchisees are successful, you’ll be successful. Utilizing, United Cloud Solutions has developed a software platform that makes it easy for franchise developers to manage franchises, manage customer relationships, and manage employees. It’s an all in one solution that lets you focus on making money by compartmentalizing all business activities in one platform.

FranCloud makes managing and growing your franchise even easier. You’ll be able to setup franchise offices, select locations, setup territories, customers, and even setup a website. No other software platform does that along with other functionalities developed by United Cloud Solutions.

In order for your franchise to grow, franchisees need customers. FranCloud helps manage customer relationships. It comes equipped with centralized lead distribution, call routing and logging, order management, contract management, account setup and management, and scheduling. Franchises can also generate invoices, and process payments including credit cards. You’ll be giving franchise owners the tools they need to be successful with the FranCloud solution.

FranCloud also allows you to manage your workforce. You’ll be able to add each employee, setup workteams, payroll, vehicles (if applicable), and manage PTO. There is no need to have a separate HR system in place because you can do it all in FranCloud.

Scheduling is also a large component of FranCloud. Franchises will have the capability to schedule work teams, customer work orders, customer cancellations and reassignment, and perform advanced and daily scheduling.

The problem that most franchises face is that there so many platforms they need to use in order to complete day-to-day functions. FranCloud eliminates all of that. With FranCloud, you’ll be able to save money by eliminating other programs. It’s a cost effective measure that makes the difference between profit and loss. To schedule a demo call 404-812-8120 or email