Introducing Telco Works For

Telco Works is a custom solution that is geared towards helping telecom sector companies manage their day to day operations using a browser based application. Managing accounts, contacts, sites, the install base, work-orders, assets, service orders, time and expense, trouble tickets and customer communication along with leads, employees and install base configuration would normally be done via various software platforms. UCS has made it easy to do all this in a single telecom focused solution which may be ideal for general telecom sector companies like

  1. Managed Services Providers
  2. Carriers
  3. Cable TV Providers
  4. VoIP service providers
  5. Unified Communication Service Providers

Supports Wired, Wireless, IP, Data and other managed services

Telco Works can manage:

  • Accounts
  • Contacts
  • Quotes
  • Sites / Locations / Premises
  • Carriers
  • Inventory
  • Service Order / Work Orders – MACD
  • Order Line Provisioning Configurations / Parameters
  • Subscriptions
  • Install Base
  • Opportunities
  • Employees and payroll
  • Vehicles (if applicable)
  • Invoicing
  • Warehouse (if applicable)
  • Inventory
  • Quotes and proposals
  • Assets
  • Scheduling and Routing

Let’s say that you’re a telecom managed services provider. You can manage leads and service orders for new and existing customers on the very same platform you use for invoicing, employee management, and inventory. Telco Works also allows you to track the progress of order provisioning and create and manage trouble tickets. Telco Works saves you the aggravation of dealing with multiple platforms to implement all these functions. It also saves time and money because you only pay and use one platform versus several.

Of course, managed services is one example. Telco Works is ideal for any business in the telecommunications and IP data service industry. We invite you to call and schedule a free demo and see how Telco Works can streamline your business functions.  404-812-8123

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Telco Works is developed on the platform and is almost limitless, giving businesses the capabilities to customize the platform to fit their needs. The actual task of developing and implementing an iteration specifically for your needs is difficult if you don’t have the time or capability, but with Telco Works you get a head start as you get all the required business functions all within one simple software solution.

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